Delicious Chocolate Flapjacks

Delicious Chocolate Flapjacks

So I attempted baking for the first time ever last night. It went quite well, I must say. But that’s probably because I started with something fairly simple: chocolate flapjacks. Here’s how I did it…

What you need:
– 200g dark chocolate (I used about 74% cocoa chocolate, but use whatever you prefer)
– 200g porridge oats
– 200g muesli (I used swiss muesli with raisons and nuts)
– 200g golden syrup
– 200g (there’s clearly a trend here) golden caster sugar
– 250g unsalted butter
– 50g Nutella (or any chocolate/hazelnut spread)
– 50g mixed seeds (I only used these because they were laying around looking bored)


What I did:
1. So I started by setting my oven to 180C and letting it pre-heat whilst I prepared the following.

2. I cut the butter into small cubes (be sure to put aside one small butter cube for step 5). I threw the butter cubes into a large pan with the caster sugar and golden syrup. I then heated it over a medium heat, stirring until all the butter had melted.

3. I poured the muesli and oats into the above mixture, adding a spoon at a time, and ensuring it was well stirred in before adding more. At this stage the mixture should have the consistency of a giant melted granola bar.

4. I also added a few tablespoons of Nutella (hazelnut spread) into the mixture, along with a couple of tablespoons of mixed seeds. This was on a whim but worked great to give the flapjacks some extra texture.

5. I then greased an oven tin with the spare butter cube, and poured the mixture into the tin before sticking it in the oven for about 15 minutes (timing may vary depending on the ingredients of your mixture, but bake until the top is golden brown and the centre is some what solid – check this by poking a fork through the centre)

6. Whilst the flapjack was baking, I poured some boiling water into a small saucepan, and rested a heat-proof glass bowl over the top. I then snapped my two large chocolate bars into small pieces and placed them in the bowl, allowing them to melt from the heat of the water. Make sure to keep stirring until all the chocolate has melted.


7. When the flapjack was golden brown (15 minutes later), I took it out of the oven and poured the warm melted chocolate on top. I then had to be super patient by allowing it to cool for a couple of hours (try not to be in the same room as it because you will very much want to stick your fingers into the wet chocolate).

8. When it is cool, cut into squares, (or any shape of your choice), and dig in. This tastes great with a hot cup of tea!


This recipe was truly the most delicious baked desert I have ever made. (Also my only ever attempt at baking, but still…it was amazing.) They can also be stored for up to a week in an airtight container, so don’t worry if you’re baking for one!

Next time I bake these (which I probably will in a month or so), I’ll add in some cornflakes or rice-crispies to the mixture for some extra crunchy texture. I’m also going to try stirring some orange zest into the mixture for that wintery chocolate-orange taste.

Or if you’re brave, try adding in a tiny touch of ginger, some red chilli and cinnamon – sounds crazy but will make a great christmas dessert. Or maybe even add in some mint for a fresh, sweet taste. There are so many options with flapjacks, so just choose your favourite chocolate combination and go for it!


I hope you enjoy this,

Oats and Love,



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